Chelsea Kiko

Champion Tip: Aligning with Sales on Marketing Strategy

Discussion created by Chelsea Kiko Champion on Dec 20, 2018

It’s really nice to partner with the sales team as you’re thinking of marketing strategies and drafting or optimizing your lead lifecycle. One tip I like to give Marketo users when they’re optimizing their lead lifecycle is to make sure to involve sales from the beginning. It’s a really common trend for marketers to just run with the strategy they’ve already put together but it’s important to have a champion on the sales team who’s involved in the strategy from the beginning. Frequently when you go to draft Interesting Moments or MSI alerts and tasks, you might not always have the sales members in mind. Many of them work differently based on their business unit or their own personal work style. So a lot of times, making sure you have the strategy drafted out ahead of time, then bringing in the sales team and making sure they’re on board with it can make this a much smoother process for you. The majority of my clients will have a “Discovery Session” together to determine things like “What deems an Interesting Moment?” or “What qualifies as an alert or task?”. A lot of times, Interesting Moments might be interesting to us marketers, but sales members might see it from a different perspective. So making sure you’re partnering with your sales teams as you’re drafting out these strategies is really important, especially when you start to do the Marketo build. You want to make sure you have it all set in stone before you start using features like the Lead Lifecycle Modeler or start making all of your updates as you push live with your CRM.


Let me know if you have any questions while trying to enhance, optimize or create your lead lifecycle program!