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    Communication Limits

    Karen Black

      It would be interesting to hear from others on what their communication limits are.  We are starting to do engagement campaigns, so the one email a day no longer seems feasible.  Thanks for responding!

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          Anne Angele

          My clients have anything from once a day to twice a week limits. Typically, I don't recommend sending more than twice a week, excluding operational emails, unless it's a short, specific email cadence (e.g. an onboarding drip, related to a free trial, etc).


          I also like to view the communication limits as "insurance". In a well planned and organized email marketing strategy, they are only there as a safety net, and you'd be strategically planning which emails a segment gets and when, prioritizing the content you want to get in front of them.

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            Gerard Donnelly

            I think it all depends on the industry and market you operate in; and also what your customers would consider interesting and relevant. An email should be considered a trade, their time for your content. Would you want to read multiple emails a day with your content?

            Take the Financial Industry for example, many people want to be kept up-to-date on news and market changes or products that can help them trade better. A sub center for many financial websites could have dozens of choices (Gold, Silver, Oil, Corn, company stocks etc..). These areas could all have things happening at the same time and therefore require multiple emails in a day. Having a communication limit would mean starving that customer of information he/she wants.

            Again I think it all boils down to content and what you are offering your customer. 


            Up your limit and see if it affects your level of unsubscribes, if it does then think about bringing it down again.

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              Mark Wallace

              We are running on 1 per day and 2 per week.  Watch out however as comms limits can be ignored if two sends are scheduled too close together on the same day.

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                Nick Hajdin

                In regards to engagement programs, if someone is blocked from a cast due to communication limits, the person will qualify upon the next cast so the content will not be missed. I agree with Gerard where your customer preferences will vary by industry. If you decide to make a change, keep a close eye on your unsubscribe and other engagement metrics to see if you are seeing a positive or negative impact. Lastly, you may want to consider a more robust preference center which gives your audience the ability to control email frequency.

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                  Jesse Andrew

                  We use no more than 1 email every 24 hours, and no more than 3 emails every 7 days, though personally, I'd like to reduce the latter to 2.