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Best way to report on campaigns?

Question asked by Daniel Riggs on Dec 18, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by Gerard Donnelly

I've got banners on several pages that I put campaign tags on each banner to differentiate between the people coming in from each banner to a single Marketo form. On the form I'm capturing the campaign tag from the url and putting it into a hidden field. These people may be in different campaigns at the same time so I know if I reuse the hidden field in another program, the value will be copied over - to prevent the value being written over, I created a trigger campaign that puts the person in a seperate list for that campaign tag. Since there are several banners with their own campaign tags, there are that many lists. My reasoning is I should be able to report using all the lists. I should be able to measure the effectiveness of each of the banners.


QUESTION: Is there an easier way of doing this?


Here is a snapshot of my folder in the program: