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    CRM Creating Programs in Marketo

    Kelly Harman

      Does anyone else have Dynamics and has used the feature to have CRM create programs in Marketo? My team wants to try this an I think its a bad idea. Would love to hear other peoples experiences.

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          Josh Hill

          Just think about the entire process and risks and rewards.

          Test it.

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            Dave Cunningham

            I am not aware of any feature in Dynamics that would allow you to create programs in Marketo. I don't think this is possible with their current native integration. We actually have a fair amount of customization in our Dynamics instance that allows us to do this by leveraging Marketo's APIs, but I'd love to move away from this setup if possible!

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              Gerard Donnelly

              Dan Stevens. I hope you do not mind me tagging you in these threads when I see them   I kind of feel if its a Dynamics question then you are the Guru.

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                  Dan Stevens.

                  No, that's fine, Gerard.  I don't get out to the community as often as I used to.  This helps focus me to the right threads.


                  As Dave mentions, I too am not aware of any native functionality to do this - and even if it was, agree that it's a bad idea.  Especially since Marketo does not natively sync to the campaign entity in MSD.  So what would trigger this?  What would make more sense is a central MRM platform like Allocadia - which would be used/required to initiate the setup/budgeting/etc. of any marketing activity.  This would then trigger workflows to setup a request into a project management/request intake platform like Workfront; and then also create the program in Marketo once the request has been accepted by a member of the MOPS team.  Something like this (this was taken from a recent webinar presented by Comvault - where they use SFDC instead of MSD):



                  The good news is the Marketo natively syncing to the MSD campaign entity is on their short-term roadmap and hopefully will be available in Q1 2019. 

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