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Getting field value client side on page

Question asked by Erik Heldebro Expert on Dec 18, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by Erik Heldebro

I'm interested in seeing if there's a clear solution for this.



Let's say I have a thank you page (Marketo Landing Page) that a lead visits upon filling out a Marketo form.

When filling out the form, Marketo sends a request to backend via Webhooks and maps a response attribute to a custom field.

Having put a middle landing page in the middle with a meta tag for redirecting to the thank you page after about 4 seconds, it still is not quick enough for Marketo to get the value in response to the webhook.



Would it be possible to (1) get the field value client side on the Landing Page once the value exists (not empty), (2) without reloading the page?


For example, checking every 3 seconds until the value is there.


I'm assuming this could be done, tried searching it up but didn't have any luck. Would be interesting to hear any suggestions!