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Workspaces: Cannot have campaign folder names that are the same in different workspaces?

Question asked by Leticia DoPrado on Dec 14, 2018
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I'm trying to create campaign folders within my workspaces that are the same so that there's a consistency of folder hierarchy across our different workspaces. I created the hierarchy I want in one workspace, and when I try to create the folders in a different workspace with the same name as the folders in another workspace, it tells me I cannot do that because the name already exists. The folder name does not exist in that same workspace, so could someone here confirm that you cannot create folders with the same names in different workspaces?


If that is the case, it's disappointing.


Here's a visual of what I'm trying to do:


Workspace A:

Folder #1: Outbound Activities

Folder #2 Website Activities


Workspace B:

Folder #1: Outbound Activities

Folder #2 Website Activities