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Help with options to update Company data

Question asked by Ron Olech on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

Our company has NetSuite integrated with Marketo using Vertify as a bridge.  We want to bring in Contract Item data to Marketo so we can know which of our major product groups a company has and the quantity.  We can derive this data using a summary search, but not a standard search because we need to consolidate a few records to come up with the correct quantity (accounting for returns and additional orders) for each product category.

  • Veritfy will not allow a summary saved search to be used as a data source on the integration.  I also cannot get a NetSuite workflow to update records based on a summary search.  It may still be possible, but I have not been successful at finding the correct technique.
  • Secondly, I thought I would export the summary results and match the data up with the right Marketo contacts and import into Marketo.  Doing that results in an error "ExplicitCompanyUpdateNotAllowed". 
  • Third, I'd hoped to be able to consolidate data using Vertify.  I can get the Contract Item object synched, but I cannot sum a set of records and map that to a single field.


Since none of those will work, I am hoping some others have solved similar problems and can offer advice.  I can think of two more possibilities to get what I want.

  • Add fields to the customer in NetSuite and populate them from the saved search, either through a CSV import of the summary or figure out how to make the workflow do this autromatically.  Then sync the fields to Marketo.
  • Purchase the ABM package, so we can import data directly to the company fields with out the 'ExplicitCompanyUpdateNotAllowed' error.


Any other suggestions or comments are welcome.