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Validate Form Details Before/Upon Submission?

Question asked by Jordan Zabawa on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by Jordan Zabawa

Hi Marketing Nation Community!


I am still relatively new to Marketo and I was asked by my one of my sales teams to create a unique landing page.. Here is the scenario:


We have a B product that multiple customers of ours frequently request additional licenses for and the current process for placing an order for additional licence is very painful and resource heavy.


The ideal/proposed process flow is:

  1. Customer requests additional license(s)
  2. Customer rep creates an opportunity in Salesforce, draws up a proposal, and sends to customer for review
  3. When the customer is ready to approve, the customer rep would send the customer a proposal (via email) with a URL to a landing page where they can download materials about the product and fill out a form to accept the proposal and terms and conditions agreement.
  4. A confirmation email will send to our legal team and customer rep as well as the customer, with a "receipt" of the transaction (proposal details and terms and conditions)


Now here is the major problem we are seeing: How do we validate a person's identity?

We intent to use the Salesforce opportunity ID as a form field for the customer to put their "order ID" in, in addition to normal form details (name, company, email, etc). But what if someone "fat fingers" their order ID and puts the wrong numbers in? Is there a way for Marketo to reject the form submission and tell the person to try again?


I'm obviously worried about "Jeff King" accidentally getting "Michelle Queen"s personal information and proposal details.


Any ideas? Thanks!!