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    Preference Center

    Soledad Angel

      Hello all,


      We have build a preference center in the COE which I understand it takes care of all people across all spaces. We have workspaces for our regions and one for a child company that we are now on-boarding. Data will be shared across regions and child company, but the incoming leads for our child company should receive/view their own branded assets. For instance, when we ask for double opt-in confirmation, the template sent is a different one than the one for us; similarly, the preference center landing page is different for their leads/emails than for the rest of the people.


      HOW DO I DO THIS!? Can we all share the same Preference Center or do I need to clone it to the particular workspace? If the second, how do I ask the preference center on COE to exclude data incoming from data workspace (I cannot find a filter to allow this exclusion) and how do I tell the one on the particular workspace to exclude "all others"?


      pulling my hair out here..... please help....

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          Jay Jiang

          Could dynamic content work for you?

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            Floyd Alvares

            Hi Soledad,


            If all the workspaces are using 1 partition. How do you distinguish that the lead records that has filled out a form is from a specific region/ child company.


            I would suggest using fields to capture information such as

            Field - Region that sorts the different regions when someone fills in a form OR when you run a list import

            Additionally you can use a field to identify if the record has come through your child company. Either a check box or another field to capture this information.


            Then you can use the preference center which would store this value from hidden elements such as If they are filling the form in United States, then the region would be marked as CAM.

            If they are filling the from from United States and they are coming in from your child company, then the region would be United States and the child company field would be checked to true.

            This would need to be set up on your front end web pages.


            Similarly you can use this subset of data to send your email communications. so if child company field is checked to "True" - then send email B which is based off child template version 1


            Again this is just a concept which you could use because you could technically set this up in so many different ways.


            Hope this helps



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              Soledad Angel

              Solved it with a hidden field in the form and use it for the different smart-lists and flows.