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Preference Center

Question asked by Soledad Angel on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2019 by Soledad Angel

Hello all,


We have build a preference center in the COE which I understand it takes care of all people across all spaces. We have workspaces for our regions and one for a child company that we are now on-boarding. Data will be shared across regions and child company, but the incoming leads for our child company should receive/view their own branded assets. For instance, when we ask for double opt-in confirmation, the template sent is a different one than the one for us; similarly, the preference center landing page is different for their leads/emails than for the rest of the people.


HOW DO I DO THIS!? Can we all share the same Preference Center or do I need to clone it to the particular workspace? If the second, how do I ask the preference center on COE to exclude data incoming from data workspace (I cannot find a filter to allow this exclusion) and how do I tell the one on the particular workspace to exclude "all others"?


pulling my hair out here..... please help....