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The Platts Story - How S&P Platts markets and runs their business on Marketo

Discussion created by Bill McGinnis on Dec 13, 2018

Complete slides from the December 13, 2018 User Group meeting.

Platts not only uses Marketo to market their information services, but actually uses Marketo to distribute their energy and commodities bulletins, notes, and alerts.


Platts editors around the world publish 1000s of articles and alerts in a central Editorial Workstation Portal.

Customers access the Platts custom preference center at Platts Preference Center and can precisely pick specific information that they would like to receive. A custom application then automatically pulls specific content from the Editorial Workstation Portal into personalized emails.

The Results:

  • Automated it! Over 200 customer alerts and commodity bulletin emails a month, are automatically created and sent, that were previously hand created
  • Completely hands-off and saved over 740 hours of manual work a year. This freed up a total of over 18 weeks annually, of manual intervention
  • Reduced untargeted and duplicated customer emails/notes, by allowing customers to select the type of subscription notes, region,  and commodities of interest
  • New subscription groups have improved audience targeting. Average email batch send dropped from 15,000 to between 2000 and 5,000 – 66% improvement due to:
    • Email list improved to tie messages to client preferences
    • Duplication eliminated by the use of subscription groups and only sending contacts through a program one time regardless of the number of preferences they have selected
  • MQLs generated from campaigns, using the new subscription groups, have increased by 28%
    • Due to improved targeting
    • Closed business from campaigns, using the new subscription groups, has increased by 85% since go-live
  • TRUE marketing automation by sending “the right message, to the right person, at the right time”