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Smartlist - Different count for same objective

Question asked by Sid Patil on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by Sid Patil

Hello All,

Recently we ran email campaigns where we directed our customers to two of our webpages and now, we are trying to figure out everyone who may have visited those webpages.


For that, I created a smart list with the condition: Visited Webpage CONTAINS {name of the webpages}. It returned an abnormally low count (1k people) since we mailed almost 1 million people with CTAs to those webapage {contains so that it captures any UTM combination)


To investigate further, I created a smart list saying Click link on email {email names}, adding constraint Link contains {the link URL directing to those webpages}. This smartlist returned 40k people which seemed representative of the numbers I was expecting.


What might be the reason of this difference?


Thank you so much for reading this. Please reach out for any clarifications.