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On24 Attended On Demand stripping {{member.webinar URL}}

Question asked by Nicholas Hajdin Expert on Dec 12, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2019 by Diego Lineros

Running into issues with the {{member.webinar URL}} token working for people who are in Attended On-Demand Program Status.


We use the same Registration Page for Live/On-Demand Webinars. Everything works as expected unless the person has a status of Attended On Demand, in which case the {{member.webinar URL}} is empty in the confirmation email.


While the scenarios may be rather unlikely, we want to prepare for if someone has already watched the webinar on demand, eventually returns and re-registers they receive the correct url in the confirmation email. Reason being, we promote the on-demand webinars through different channels and at different times,


Once a person reaches "Attended On-Demand" status - why is the member.webinar url no longer active?