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Engagement program- Trigger email based on inactivity-Add streams or use a smart campain

Question asked by Carla Cabaceira on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2018 by Floyd Alvares


I'm trying to set a nurture program using the following logic:

If the lead doesn't open email 1 in past 10 days we resend the same email ( cloned version of email 1- named: 01b. Email.)

Currently I set it up adding and additional Stream-Stream 2 with "Transition Rule= Email is Delivered in past 10 days(trigger)" and "Not Opened Email in past 10 days" and is Member of Engagement Program is this program and is not in Stream 2.

Flow Steps-Add to Stream 2.

I also want to make sure they don't receive Email 2 unless they opened email 1 first, that's the reason I though using streams will allow them to flow to a stream right away and be removed from the first Stream.

Cadence for Stream 1 is every 10 days.

See attachment ( please ignore Stream 3)

Is this the right way to set it up?