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Scoring Field Mapped From Lead to Account

Question asked by Christopher Chito on Dec 10, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by Christopher Chito

I have a field "Portfolio Majority" I am using that is mapped from the Lead to Account, where we only want to score specific values in the pick list and giving the person +1 in demographic score.


Trying to figured out if this should be mapped from the lead to contact instead? It's been a while since I have set up scoring but don't recall running into issues with Lead to Account mapped fields.


When an ALREADY EXISTING lead gets converted to a contact on an account that has a value in "Portfolio Majority" we want to give that person +1 in demographic score, however the trigger setup below does not catch that. There is a trigger for "Is Converted" but believe that is for the Marketo side only and will not work if a BDR converts the lead and attaches them to the account that has a value in "Portfolio Majority".