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    Global form submissions not captured

    Franky Ruysschaert

      On my webpage : Premium helpdesk | Dataline Solutions

      I have placed a "global form"


      Beside this I have a campaign : 10 - Submitted Webform

      Smart List : Fills out Form, Form name is : Global-Basic-Request-BE-NL with a filter on ContentName : contains "SLA MultiPress:"


      In my flow I should add a email, add the contact to a list...etc...


      But the Flow steps are not executed

      Any idea?

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          Floyd Alvares

          Hi Franky,


          1. Can you confirm that when the form is submitted, a record is being created in Marketo?
          2. Also can you confirm that the activity for the fills out form has the content name value SLA MultiPress?


          I do not see any issues with the logic for your smart campaign at the moment, so either there is an issue with the form itself in creating new records OR the content name field is not capturing the right hidden field value.




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              Franky Ruysschaert

              I can confirm that a new contact is created.

              Furthermore is the value for the hidden filed ContentName in my form  SLA MultiPress: Premium helpdesk


              Smart list Fills out form with form name is and referrer contains with the correct URL

              ContentName as a filter with contains...


              Still not working..


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                  Alexis Falco



                  Couple of things - this post gives a pretty nice description for using using the Web Page, Referrer URL, or Query String constraints to specify web page when using one form on multiple pages - basically it tells you when to use a specific constraint.

                  Specifying Web Page on Form Fillout Filters or Triggers


                  • Additionally, I've noticed in my smart lists that if I keep the Http or Https on the web page I'm referencing I get an error, often I just remove it.
                  • Another common issue that I've run into comes straight down to spelling and spaces - just double check that the ContentName matches exactly as it does on the form, it could come down to simple spacing issue or maybe you've included a hyphen instead a space.


                  Question - since you're using a global form and a hidden field, how is the SLA content name getting written to the form? Is it when a person comes to the form page from a specific URL?

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                Gerard Donnelly

                Try this in your smart list. I think this is the same issue as your other question.

                Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 09.51.30.png

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                  Spenser Fishel

                  Couple troubleshooting options to start with and apologies if you've already tested these but sometimes the most basic elements are what get missed:

                  1. Ensure you actually have form submissions on the form
                  2. Check a lead that you know has filled out the form and look at the 'Filled Out Form' activity and ensure that the 'ContentName' field is being submitted on the form correctly
                  3. Ensure in the setup of the smart campaign that the settings allow the campaign to be triggered every time and there is not a limit on it
                  4. Make sure the trigger is referencing the right form and not a similarly named form
                  5. Make sure the filter is 'contains' and not 'is'
                  6. Try it without the filter at all - I've seen Marketo's trigger mechanism get out of sync and cause triggers to fail. It's rare but it is possible.