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Opt-In Subscription Campaigns

Question asked by Karen Black on Dec 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by Josh Hill

We currently added in a field to all of our Marketo forms on our website so that someone can subscribe to our emails (field is a check box named Opt-In).  When the field is checked and submitted, we send them an automated email with an embedded link that takes them to our subscription page.  Seems this works great for those that have the value of that field marked "false", but for those that are "true" nothing happens.  The email is triggered by data value changes, Opt-In, value = true. 


Would like to see what other companies are doing for their subscriptions, and if anyone has ideas on how we can better improve our process so that when that field is checked anytime, they are sent the subscription email (so they can update their preferences). Thank you so much for your time/recommendations.