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Rebuilding a lead scoring model – any advice on how to extract relevant engagement of successful conversions?

Question asked by Halid Delkic on Dec 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by Josh Hill

My organisation is in the process of reviewing our outdated lead scoring model.

Some really good discussions & articles in the Marketo community, and from wider resources, have helped us identify potential improvements.


Our end goal is to redefine and rebuild the scoring model based on informed insights from real-life behaviour & engagement of successfully converted customers.


We would like to reverse look-up Marketo-tracked activities (i.e. Activity Log) of our existing customers and plot journey scenarios that helped drive those conversions. This insight will inform the scoring criteria & threshold in our new model.


Marketo community: Do you have any guidance, practical real-life experience, advice or tips on how to get such insight from Marketo?


To be explicit – I’m looking for recommendations on which Marketo tools, reports, functionalities, workarounds, (e.g. into PowerBI?) etc to use to extract the relevant info? And how?


And I’m specifically referring to being able to summarise activities from Activity Log (form fills, email opens, clicks, web visits, program successes) for a select group of X number of customers.

If you did this, what did your final insight look like (e.g. a matrix table of last 10 relevant touchpoints for each customer)? Any other format?


We’re looking for any advice to help guide our project - all tips & advice is welcome & appreciated.


Thanks in advance.