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    Program for correcting ' in name

    Brian Whipple



      In the process of importing some contacts into our database, I noticed that names with an apostrophe were imported as ' by mistake. 

      Example: O'Donnell was imported as O'Donnell


      Is there an operational program and smart campaign that can run in the background that corrects this on an ongoing basis? Or is the only solution to improve my processes before we import?




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          Devraj Grewal



          For the future, yes, I would urge you to fix the processes so you don't make that error during import. As for fixing those records, you should run a smart list of those that have the error and include the email address as a column. Export this smart list into Excel, fix the data and re-import into Marketo. If you are finding the issue is with Marketo importing, you can use the SFDC Data Loader if that is your native CRM.