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Google Adwords & Marketo Form Tracking

Question asked by Springbox Team on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by Springbox Team

Hey everyone –


Was hoping someone would be able to offer some insight into the best way to track conversions from GA in Marketo. I'm seeing reporting discrepancies between what is being reported in GA vs. Marketo. For example, I'm seeing 24 conversions (form fills) for a particular form last month in Google Analytics, but when I try to track it with a UTM code & form fill trigger in Marketo I'm not seeing those conversions.


In the program I'm running I have two filters for the SmartList:

Filter 1: Visited Web Page: is any, Querystring: contains (the specific UTM), Date of Activity: time frame (last month)

Filter 2: Form Name: is (3 specific forms I'm trying to track)


Am I missing something in my filtering criteria? I thought UTMs would be the best way to track but now I'm not so sure.


Thanks for your help!