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Question asked by Reina Nagashima on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by Reina Nagashima

Hi there,

We are trying to figure out why some filters apply correctly in the smart list while some do not.

In this example, we were sending an email to people who are prospects and in either the finance, ops, IT or BI department (see advanced filters) AND they were neither in a one specific SFDC campaign nor in another specific SFDC campaign and so on. The smart list would seem correct from the filters we used because we are trying to target these departments and exclude these members of a specific SFDC campaign.



What is most confusing to me is that some of these people who we excluded from the SFDC campaign still managed to receive this email. If the filter logic was incorrect, then all of these people in the SFDC campaigns we excluded should have gotten this email but from the activity log on certain people, we see that is also not the case. For example, we are now wanting to send a new email to the people who opened a previous email associated with one of the excluded SFDC campaigns above( "Q4 Hail Mary")- these would be the filters I am using since they have no be apart of this SFDC campaign and also have opened this specific email we sent. However, when I populate the audience and check the people who are in this smart list, I see inconsistencies in their activity log.


For example, this person never received the email they were supposed to be excluded from.


BUT, this person (who is in the same audience list that I just populated) did receive the email they were supposed to be excluded from- the Happy Customers email


If the smart list was incorrect to begin with, why didn't it apply to all of the people in that campaign? Why is it that some people got the email they weren't supposed to get and some people didn't?Support