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    Tracking the best combination of campaigns?

    Rachel Bryan

      Has anyone ever been able to find a good way to track the best combination of their marketing campaigns? For instance, If a nurture program + direct mail send + sales person vidyard follow-up... We have a lot of campaigns we hear are successful when used together, but it's hard to see the data behind it.


      Any info is much appreciated!

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          Grace Brebner

          Typically RCM & RCE will help you understand the impact of individual programs, but that's probably not going to really answer your question in any reliable way. It will likely be difficult to get total clarity the impact of specific programs and combinations in isolation as a retrospective; most likely, you'll need to set up a specifically designed test to validate the anecdotal support.


          Ideally what you want to do is create a test that validates the impact of specific combinations to test their impact on conversion/performance comparative to a baseline. Depending on your target audience size this may take time/be tricky, but I would look to create a series of target audiences that fall into different experimental groups, e.g.

          1. Control Group - Receives none or receives only nurture (option chosen depending on what you want the baseline comparison to be)
          2. Receives nurture + DM send
          3. Receives nurture + vidyard follow up
          4. Receives DM + vidyard follow up
          5. Receives nurture + DM + vidyard follow up


          That's a lot of sub groups to test, so you'll need a reasonably sized data set to be able to get significant results. And for the test to really work, the experience of each tactic should be identical across all groups - your test is the presence/absence, not variations within each tactic. But a test like this would help you understand:

          • What the baseline conversion is
          • How specific marketing tactics impact that baseline
          • How different combinations of marketing tactics impact that baseline.


          Hope that helps.

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            Anne Angele

            I would also recommend creating a very specific test where you control the variables as Grace mentioned. That's going to be your best option to get an apples to apples comparison.


            While not entirely statistically reliable, if you're tracking touch points through campaign and/or program statuses/membership, you can pull a list of leads that have been passed to sales (or leads associated with opps or whatever your success criteria is) and look at the mix you have there - e.g. how many have only received a nurture touch but NOT received direct mail, how many received both, how many received direct mail but NOT a nurture touch, etc.  If nothing else, it may be a good way to build some theories to start testing.