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What is the Technical Difference between Members Exhausted Count (Dashboard), Exhausted Content, and Ineligible?

Question asked by 1569b8e2a73f8b1402ce7c797c23580c873060f2 on Nov 30, 2018
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Hello Marketo Community!


UPDATE EDIT: Back it at it again with a three questions! I have read previous threads and I feel like I'm not getting the full picture (or understanding) and would like any updated clarification on these pieces for Engagement Streams.


Here is my basic understanding of these three items:

  • # of Members Exhausted Count displayed on the Engagement (Nurture) Stream Dashboard are a fraction of the count of people "Exhausted Content."
  • Ineligible are members from within an Engagement Stream that have a: missing or invalid email, hard bounced multiple times, or recently unsubscribed as of the most recent cast
  • Exhausted Content Count (within the Member of Program) report are: All members within the .csv that has been exhausted and/or Ineligible?


Question #1: Is the above knowledge true?


Question #2: Can Marketo run a custom Engagement Stream report to determine how many people were "Exhausted or Ineligible?" by  X# of Assets within an Engagement Stream?


For Example:

-Engagement Stream has One Asset

-Tom was the 1st member of the stream but got Exhausted by 1?

-New Asset was then added and therefore Engagement Stream is Refreshed

-Jack became the 2nd member of the stream but did not interact with Tom's first asset, nor the 2nd asset the following week

-In Marketo as long as both of them did not interact with the assets, they are both "Exhausted or Ineligible" depending on the circumstances. I would like to see this illustrated in a custom report across a specific date-range but I feel this isn't possible.


Which leads me to Question #3: Can Marketo run a report and show when a specific lead transferred between Engagement Streams at any time? For instance, there are three users in Stream 1 their goal is to get to Stream 3 as soon as possible:

User 1 was in Stream 1, fulfilled the criteria and is now in Stream 2 the following morning. I took them 14 days but they finally managed to get into Stream 3.
User 2 remained in Stream 1 for the next three days and then got into Stream 2. Took another 21 days and then finally got into Stream 3
User 3 started in Stream 1 and it took them 30 days until getting into Stream 2 but they never got into Stream 3.


As always, thank you for your help and it is truly appreciated!