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Trouble with SC triggers based on referrer and SC triggers using forms on embedded web pages

Question asked by Brian Denneny on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi All,


My question is two fold.


1) I have a large amount of master forms from various regions and languages and products. Each page has a product name on it in every language. I use this product name to determine the product form the person filled out. What happens is in each language every product page goes to the same landing page and form. So I am segmenting by referrer. For example if someone clicks the contact sales link on the product page for "Product 1" they would go to a generalized contact sales page and to determine which product they came from I have smart campaigns set up for every product saying "Fills out form is Generalize Form and Referrer contains "Product 1"" to trigger the smart campaigns. The campaigns simply set a data value to help me route to the proper campaign in SFDC later for the specific product. One thing I've noticed is that when I implemented this the amount of differentiation we see between different products have dropped off significantly. When the product page for "Product 1" went to a unique landing page and form for that product we could see way more different values but now they are all ending up in a default contact sales sfdc campaign. Is this all set up correctly? When the forms are filled out I have one campaign for each language and one for each product and they look at the referrer containing the code in the url for that specific product/language.


2) We are now practicing embedding forms directly on our product pages. These pages are obviously not in marketo but they are on our website. I want to try to differentiate again by product without making a different or unique form on every product page. So if I have this new product, lets say "product 2", and every URL the form is embedded on contains "Product-2" in the URL. Can I in anyway use a smart campaign triggered by a form fill and add a constraint saying the web page URL contained "product-2" or something like that? Or do I need a unique form for each product to embed on the website?


If there is any other best practices please let me know. I am currently dealing with like 30 regions/languages and maybe 15 products.