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Checkbox field created via API is missing input

Question asked by Vitaly Nikolaiev on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2020 by Todd Sprinkel


I have a strange issue with API created field.

I use API call to create a checkbox field

"id": "Opt_In_Consent__c",
"label": "Opt-In Consent",
"dataType": "checkbox",
"defaultValue": "yes",
"validationMessage": "This field is required.",
"required": false,
"formPrefill": true,
"initiallyChecked": true


After the field is created - there is no input on the field. If I remove this field are recreate it through UI editor in the Design studio with the same parameters - everything works fine. See the second checkbox field.

Does anyone have the same problems? All other fields are working fine

In the editor, they both looks the same