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Customer blocks all Marketo emails and will not whitelist Marketo IPs.

Question asked by Andrew Sielen on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2018 by Andrew Sielen

We have a few customers that are refusing to whitelist any emails (even just ones from our domain) from Marketo IPs (or in their words 'MKTOmail tool') in fear of spam as they claim they have 'vast' amounts of spam coming from marketo IPs. We are using Marketo to send Release Notes to customers who have requested them, but we are hitting a wall with a few of our customers. They refuse to even discuss whitelisting anything from Marketo. Fortunately they are willing to let us know the issue, but their solution is to have us email it to yourself and then forward it to them from gmail. Not the most ideal solution.


We have gotten essentially the same feedback from 4 customers so far.  But from our research we think it is hitting about 20% of our customer accounts. (Based on them matching the same pattern as accounts we know have the same problem: all the emails are marked as delivered but they don't have a single open.)


We are fully DMARC compliant with SPF and DKIM setup.


Would a dedicated IP from Marketo solve this issue for us (knowing that it could also potentially cause other issues)?


What is Marketo doing to identify spam sent from marketo IPs? It seems marketo's email reputation isn't great in some IT spaces.


Anyone else hit this roadblock before?