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How to ensure every email sent is delivered to a single email address

Question asked by Alex Baumgarten on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi Marketo Community.


What I'm looking to do violates everything I know about the best practice. However, I'm wondering if it is even theoretically possible in Marketo.


We have an executive at our company who wants to be included on any and all email the first time the email is sent. This means he will receive every single email our Marketo instance puts out so he has it on record. While this is easy for batch sends, triggered sends, especially sends for web content and nurtures,  would be much more difficult to ensure the email address is added to.


To make the challenge more difficult, we also have a fair number of targeted nurture programs that send at the same date and time as well as emails that incorporate dynamic content.


Based on anyone's understanding, is this even possible? Currently, I think this will be a large undertaking. But even after this is done, due to rules set up in Marketo to prevent spamming addresses, I wonder if the person in question will even receive all the sends or if most of the emails will be blocked in an effort to protect the IP Adress. On the flip side, if it does get through, I wonder if the massive amount of content will trip spam filters on our internal servers and ultimately hurt our email's deliverability, especially on the company's domain.