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    Delete all Marketo database and Re-sync w/CRM?

    Ishita C

      Hi All,

      Is it possible to delete all the Marketo database and re-sync it w/CRM (Dynamics)?

      If yes, would you please share any steps or documents describing the same.


      Please note: This is a new instance and recently synced w/CRM only.




        • Re: Delete all Marketo database and Re-sync w/CRM?
          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Ishita,


          Yes, it is possible. remember you will loose all activity logs, but if the database is recent, the loss might not be that big.


          Just go to "all leads", select all and run a "delete lead" flow step.


          Then go back to the CFM and update all records:

          • Accounts (although these will not have been deleted)
          • Leads and contacts
          • Opportunities


          Support can probably help you too, both wit the database erase and the "force sync".