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Can You Edit Campaign Member Date?

Question asked by Troy Larson on Nov 21, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2018 by Floyd Alvares

Hey There Marketo World!


I have a question that I'm hoping someone may have an answer to.


We currently have purchased the campaign attribution tool, Terminus. One of the many things the tool does, is look at all the campaigns where a member has reached a "Success" status before an opportunity has been created at an account. Because they reached a "Success" status before the opportunity was created, they are then given some attribution.


Right now we are using the last modified date in the SFDC campaign object to determine if the person reached a "Success" status before an opportunity is created. We want to change this to a custom field on the campaign member object. I can see this field when I do smart lists in Marketo > member of SFDC Campaign> Add Constraint>It's in that dropdown.

However, it looks like I cannot write to this field. Has anyone else run into this? If so, are you aware of a work around?