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    Unique Opens & Clicks

    Rohit Wali

      Dear Community,


      I have a campaign, for which if I run email performance report it shows 83 people have opened email, I want to understand if these are UNIQUE opens or TOTAL opens. If these are total opens then what is the process to get unique open report.


      The same case for Clicks, how do we get UNIQUE CLICKS report.


      All your help is appreciated. Marketo Marketing Nation Community Marketo Support Knowledgebase




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          Ronen Wasserman

          Hi Rohit,

          You can create a smart list with a filter "clicked/ opened email" and it will count each open/click as one so you be able to see if it is matching your reports.

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            Floyd Alvares

            Hi Rohit,


            The email performance report will show unique opens and clicks for the specific email. What it will not show is the lead records that qualified for the opens/clicks.




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              Veronica Holmes

              Hi Rohit

              The Email Performance Report is showing unique opens. You just need to run it.

              The Email Click Performance Report shows you both unique clicks and number of total clicks (it shows a total clicked number, and number of people, which is essentially your unique click number you're after).



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                  Sanford Whiteman

                  I think an ambient problem here is that "unique opens" has not been precisely defined, making it very easy to misinterpret the answers.


                  The Email Performance Report doesn't show unique open events, if you define such an event as Each separate navigation to the email in the Inbox of a image-enabled email client.


                  There are 4 reasons for this:


                  • An implied/synthetic Open will be registered merely because there was a Click, even though that Click may not have been done by a human
                  • Each successive send of the same email to the same person can result in an additional Open
                  • Some email clients cache images and never fetch them again, even if the human reopens the email
                  • Marketo discards every image fetch after the first one, even if it is sent by the email client


                  If "unique open" means "unique openers", that too isn't reflected accurately in the Email Performance Report for the same reasons.

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                      Rohit Wali

                      Yes, I completely agree and understand this, but what is the way to check unique opens then, same for clicks.


                      I want to know who has opened email, not the total how many time he opened.

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                          Sanford Whiteman

                          If you mean openers (it really is vital to define your terms) then it is not possible to see all unique openers, period. A Smart List for Opened Email will set a floor (minimum) for unique openers. It will show you the people who viewed your email with images enabled. There could be many times that many people who actually viewed it in the real world. As Josh H. likes to say, opens are directional. That means if you send to a population with the same technology over time (same % of people using Outlook, same mail scanners) then deltas in this floor of openers are significant. Otherwise they don't have an inherent meaning and you certainly shouldn't present the count as being the real count of humans that checked out your content.


                          Unique human clickers, well, that too is impossible to represent. You can get a ceiling on the human clickers with a Smart List, but some of them will actually have been automated mail scanners and the human may not have seen the email, let alone clicked it.

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                              Rohit Wali

                              Thanks but this means MARKETO lags in reporting if you say we can't get UNIQUE OPEN AND CLICKS report, there are other tools in the market which clearly gives us all these details. If we have to run smart campaign for each and every report then why is there ANALYTICS option.


                              Also for clicks what you have mentioned is not what I meant. I want to see (be it automated/manual) a person has clicked any link in the email. I need the unique count not the total count of how many time he hit the click.


                              To be precise : The Unique Opens category counts each recipient only one time,

                              Unique Clicks : The number of prospects that clicked a link in the email. Each recipient is counted only once, so multiple clicks in the same message don’t get counted more than once. Unsubscribe and Email Preference Center link clicks are not counted toward unique clicks.


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                                  Sanford Whiteman

                                  No product can capture the action of opening an email and reading its content without downloading images. None. There is no flexibility on this subject.


                                  I've already covered your follow-up questions about clicks in my earlier answers. It should've been clear that yelling at other users about perceived shortcomings in the platform is unproductive.

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                                      Rohit Wali

                                      Hi Sanford,


                                      If you think a discussion is yelling then I am sorry. Coming to the question, did I mentioned anywhere that an email will be counted as opened without downloading images. I have very simple question how to count UNIQUE OPEN AND CLICKS of my email. Does this make sense ?

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                                          Sanford Whiteman

                                          Arbitrary use of all-caps text is considered yelling. Perhaps you did not mean it that way; however, it's still unnecessary to capitalize the phrases in your posts because it simply makes them harder to read.


                                          did I mentioned anywhere that an email will be counted as opened without downloading images.

                                          You didn't specify either way, in fact the whole thread is peppered with terms that have multiple meanings that you haven't clarified.


                                          If you want to know which people in your database opened your email one or more times with images enabled, run a Smart List of people who Opened Email. If you want to know which people in your database clicked one or more links in your email, run a Smart List of people who Clicked Email.


                                          Both of these Smart Lists will show you one row in the result set for each lead, that is, they are grouped by lead with a link to the lead record in Marketo. You may look at the lower right-hand corner of the result to see the number of rows, i.e. number of leads.


                                          If you want to count every single time an email was opened with images enabled and the image was not cached, you must export the activity log. There's no canned report that can show this, because in an EPR Marketo backfills an open event even when there was no on-the-wire Opened Email event logged.  Therefore the EPR Opens column comprises people who truly opened the email with images enabled plus those who did not open the email with images enabled, but did click a link. It does not discretely identify only those who downloaded the tracking pixel.


                                          Similarly, if you want to count every single time an email was clicked by a human or machine, the EPR Clicks column will not suffice because it aggregates multiple clicks on the same branded link by the same recipient. The Email Link Performance Clicks column, on the other hand, will reflect multiple clicks by the same recipient, as you can see by comparing the Clicks and Leads columns.

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                              Frank Carpenter

                              I had the same issue last week. I sent an email to a small number of people and got a TREMENDOUS response. My instinct was to think "this is too good to be true". Here is my case:

                              I sent an email to 365 people. The monitoring campaign i used to route leads to SFDC is a trigger - clicked link in email and link is ***.

                              19 people opened the email. However there are over 1300 clicks n the email. Some leads show between 10 to 25 clicks and they never opened the email. To stop the issue i added opened email to the smart list in the smart campaign but the damage is already done on this and I am concerned that we will have issues in other smart campaigns in my instance.


                              Marketo's reply:

                              Just a quick recap, these are definitely coming from security bots on the email server. Remember as more and more emails contain bad links ( and these aren't your emails) the security bots will tighten down on security.


                              Another thing to consider is that, you said this was the first time you were sending out an email that included this third party link. A lot of times security bots will get tripped when an email contains links to a domain name that doesn't match the domain name the email is coming from.


                              The best way to work around this is to include that stealth link some where in the email. This will be a link that is hidden to the human eye but the security bot will see within the code. This way you can build a smart list that says "If the person was delivered this email, opened this email, didn't click that hidden/stealth link but did click the intended link" which will give you the folks who actually clicked the proper link.


                              I had to add an invisible "stealth link" to my email templates near the top of the email so the security bots I was trying to get past hit that link first. Bottom line is that I see an inflated number of clicks due to security bots and the unique links from someone that opened the email is what I have to count on for reporting.