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    Markto Form Not Showing Up on WordPress Blog Post

    Mariela Sanchez

      Hello - I'm trying to add a form to wordpress blog post on our new whitepaper. I'm using the form embed code from marketo but its just showing up as the code once I try to preview it in wordpress. How can I fix this?


      Sanford Whiteman

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          Sanford Whiteman

          It you're seeing the HTML as text, that suggests you've pasted the embed code into a Rich Text editor which (like Marketo's as well) will deliberately escape all the HTML tags.


          (Remember, there has to be a way to simply show, instead of execute, HTML + CSS + JS in a page, so even outside of security concerns it wouldn't make sense to always treat something that happens to have <tags> in it as HTML instead of as displayable text.)


          Typically there would be part of the page/template reserved for the embed code by the WP admin. Within this part, all pasted input is treated as raw HTML and not escaped.