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    Margin issue in email

      Has anyone had issues with the margins in emails? The email looks fine in Marketo, but when I send over a test, all of the words are flushed left, with no margin. Any fix/suggestions on how to resolve this?
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          As I'm sure you know, HTML emails are very finicky, while browsers (where you preview the Marketo email) are much more adaptible to code. 

          I think you would need to diagnose the particular email and client to find the problem. Has it worked in the past and stopped working? 
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            It's odd b/c I sent a test email to myself and 5 other colleagues. It looks fine on my computer and on 3 of my colleagues computers, but the other 2 are experiencing the flushed left margin. We all use Outlook, so I'm wondering if it's something with their Outlook settings?
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              Are they on the same version of Outlook as you?

              Even it it was due to their Outlook settings, you have to design for the "lowest common denominator"...we can't email our leads and tell them to update their email clients just so our emails look good :-)

              Use a tool like Litmus to check your email designs against a number of clients and see how they stack up.
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                Okay, thanks for the tip!