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Issue with marketo forms on non-marketo landing pages

Question asked by Jackie Gragnola on Nov 19, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by Jay Jiang

My company does not use Marketo landing pages, and so I rely on the logic screenshotted below:


The problem is... even when the page is pushed live, I try to come in and activate the smart campaign, and it is treated as though the page doesn't exist yet. I continually check back to find when the page is recognized by Marketo, but it's a time drain to keep checking, and it's sporadic when it finally allows me to activate.


Has anyone else had this issue? And have you found a way around it? Or reason for why it occurs?


I find that this logic when using non-Marketo landing pages isn't very consistent, and it causes concern on my end that it will randomly stop working or that we will miss leads (or have a big cleanup) if people are filling out the form before I can get the campaign activated


Any help greatly appreciated!