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Lead deleted - Salesforce integration

Question asked by 79201 on Feb 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by 79201
Hi! A lead is deleted and created again when the following steps happen:
1. I create a lead 
2. The lead sync with SF
3. I delete the lead in Marketo, and not in SF
4. I resuscribe the lead in Marketo
5. The lead sync with SF
6. The lead in marketo has this error: 
Sync Lead to SF error:
mktDbException [PropelException]; msg = Unable to execute UPDATE statement. [wrapped: Could not execute update [Native Error: Duplicate entry '003K000000x7iTMIAY' for key 'mkt_person_u1'] [User Info: UPDATE mkt_person SET mkt_person.SFDC_TYPE = 'Contact',mkt_person.SFDC_CONTACT_ID = '003K000000x7iTMIAY',mkt_person.UPDATED_AT = '2015-02-03 16:34:31' WHERE mkt_person.ID=1000301]] [[SQLException] nativeError = Duplicate entry '003K000000x7iTMIAY' for key 'mkt_person_u1']

7. The lead is deleted from marketo
8. A lead is created in Marketo because is a contact in SF that he can see.

Anyone knows why this happens? I am loosing all the history of the lead in Marketo. Is there a way of