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    Scoring in Marketo

    Christy Fayard

      Hi there -- can someone provide the steps on how to assign and create scores for leads in campaigns, please?

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          Amy Connor

          Are you looking to set up a lead scoring program from scratch? You might want to start with https://www.marketo.com/definitive-guides/lead-scoring/ to come up with a framework.


          You should be able to import a basic program template from Marketo to build on. Do you not have one? I am pretty sure when I set up my last company's Marketo Instance that it came with a template. If you don't have one I believe this is the instructions to import from Marketo's Program Library. Import a Program - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation 


          The general set up is you have trigger campaigns that fire when an action is taken (program status changes, email opens, etc.) and then the flow step is to "Change score".


          Do note that you can have different types of scores. You may want a "Behavior score" and a "Demographic score" separate. Do note that if you want those two scores to roll up into your main "Lead Score", you need to change both the sub-score and the Lead Score in the flow steps. So if you have the trigger "Email Opens" you'd want to add "+1" to both "Lead Score" and "Behavior Score."

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              Anne Angele

              From a technical perspective, I'd also recommend looking into using tokens and keep your lead score adjustments all in one program to make updating your scoring model down the road a lot easier. It's a headache to update your lead scoring model down the road and have to hunt down every place you added a lead score adjustment as a flow step.


              From a strategic perspective, I like to run a new lead scoring system for 30-90 days and then do a full report on how many leads crossed the MQL threshold and who those leads were, then review with the sales team to get their perspective on how they felt about quality and quantity over the last 30-90 days. That will give you a good sense of whether your scoring threshold is too high or low or if adjustments need to be made to how valuable specific actions are.

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              Abhishek Chandra

              Hi Christy,

              There is a lot of guidance available in Community on how to create lead scoring model, but can you be little more specific about your requirement.



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                Karan Hari

                Hi Christy Fayard,


                I agree with Amy. The https://www.marketo.com/definitive-guides/lead-scoring is a great place to start. And it also depends as to what your precise requirements are. I have had clients in the past who had vast scoring programs with complicated grading matrix. So depending upon how to want to score the leads and what your requirements are, the scoring model can be customized accordingly.


                Best Always,
                Karan Hari