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    Database clean-up: Email Invalid

    Patrick Vesely

      I have a Smart list of over 80K leads that are marked as Email Invalid- these are taking up space in our database.


      I am trying to run a campaign to:

      1. Remove their invalid email from the email address field

      2. Remove them from Marketo, not SalesForce.


      Ideally, I would like the Sales and Client Service team to find the proper email address, fill it in and re-sync to Marketo.


      I have tried to set up a Smart Campaign that would NULL out the email address but that did not clear the email address. Below is the Flow that I put together.

      The smart list will be anyone that is on the Email Invalid Smart List that I created.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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          Floyd Alvares

          Hi Patrick,


          Setting the email address value to "NULL" should work.


          However have a look at the activity log for the records you attempted to reset the email address to NULL, maybe you have a "block field update" that maybe interfering with your change step.


          Also can you run a test scenario so that you can post the results here.

          1. Create a new record in Marketo
          2. Run the Smart Campaign logic for this new record
          3. View the activity log or results tab and take a screen shot and post the results.




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            Sanford Whiteman

            What's the reason you're changing their email address immediately before you delete them? Is this to thwart Durable Unsubcribe?



            • IMO simply emptying the email doesn't signify "email needs fixing".  There should be specific flags that make it easy to tell Sales/CS that their attention is needed, and a timestamp for when they've last tried to get up-to-date info.
            • Not having the original email to go on makes fixup that much harder. What if the only evidence you have of their previous employer is in their email domain? Then you've lost that, so good luck calling the old place and finding out where they might've moved!
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              Abhishek Chandra

              Hi Patrick,

              Even if you make the email address as null, it will still be taking space in your marketo database. if you want to make space then you have to delete them. Also, as sanford mentioned you need to flag these leads in your CRM so that sales team get the idea about updating the lead



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