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The global unsubscribe with multiple brands

Question asked by Phillip Wild on Nov 14, 2018
Latest reply on May 7, 2019 by Grace Brebner

Hi everyone


So we have more companies coming onto the same Marketo and Salesforce instance. Since the one Salesforce profile will hold all the information on a customer (single view of the customer and all that), we can't use Partitions - leads can exist in multiple places at the same time. So here is the question....


If a customer unsubscribes from our emails via marking them as spam or in some other method, the unsubscribe field changes to True. This goes across our entire Marketo instance, as I understand, and works as a "hard block". So if we have multiple brands which are completely distinct, this is a problem. The field "Subscriptions Confirmed" for us holds their actual current subscriptions, but that doesn't help us if the Unsubscribed field carries across everything. If you unsubscribe from one brand, you unsubscribe from all our other brands too.


I'm considering having a smart campaign that will works as follows....when a person has Unsubscribed change to be True, change it back to False. But to do that I would need to know which brand they unsubscribed from and remove that in the relevant field. And I'm not sure how I could know that when it could be from an email. Unless we had a consistent naming convention of something like....all G Adventures emails start with if you unsubscribed from email containing GADV in the last 10 minutes then since that's the brand you unsubscribed from, remove it from their subscriptions field. But this seems a little dangerous.


What's best practice here? Thanks.