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Adding a sales assistant to workflows when they don't own the lead

Question asked by Christine Librojo on Nov 14, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by Christine Librojo

We added a hierarchy and gave our top seller a dedicated sales assistant to keep him on track. His responsibilities are to follow up with leads on the seller's behalf, and to also remind the seller to follow up.


All emails will still be sent with the seller's name.

He is requesting access to view:

- who clicked on the email

- who opened the email

- who viewed the website from a campaign


Now, we have Sales Insight with the Best Bets dashboard for the seller. However, as stated, all emails will still go from the seller, and the seller will own the lead. So the assistant will never really see this data.


I also have a campaign running for all reps to get an email alert for all actions. I suggested perhaps we forward any Marketo alert emails to the assistant, so he can check it.


Any other suggestions on how to loop the assistant in?