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Validation error while approving the email

Question asked by Rahul Kumar on Nov 11, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi Guys,


Really appreciate if someone should help over the validation error that raised while approving the email . Actually we were sending a email from respective account manager and for doing this i have a custom field of account manager to setup a email script token and select this account manager field and upload the custom velocity script of respective account managers to send email dynamcially from respective account manager.


For reference please see the attached screenshot.


Email :

Validation error :


Email script token:


Email script code for account manager signatures

Size of code is 15000+


Actually i got some sense around the error and found the size of script is too large but we cannot want to reduce the size of code further becuase they all were Account managers .


Can someone share better alternative to sort this validation issue.



Rahul Kumar