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Duplicate Threshold Alert

Question asked by Kevin Weisenberger Champion on Nov 9, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by Kevin Weisenberger

Hey Community,


I am trying to brainstorm if there is a way to set up a campaign that would alert a select group of users if our duplicate numbers rose above a certain threshold. I understand that I could set up a smart list subscription that could regularly send out counts of duplicates but an alert to our data monitoring team would be more useful to raise a red flag and make a big deal about the threshold being breached rather than a regular report that may go unnoticed.


Example: Duplicate smart list count is greater than 10,000 - send alert to data team with wait step for qualifying limited to once a week in case it remains above the limit until a fix can be input and we don't want to send a million alerts.


Any ideas?


The closest I have gotten is to alert the audience to a score that is within a certain triggering factor. This score would need to be controlled by a campaign tied to our duplicate numbers which is where I get stuck. There would also need to be a lowering of the score if the numbers are below the threshold again which is where I'm stuck as well.