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To purge or not to purge, that is the question

Question asked by Akande Davis on Nov 9, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by Josh Hill

Hey Marketing Nation,


When my company first implemented Marketo we had a ton of dirty data and as a result got blacklisted a few times within the first 4 - 5 month of using it. This caused us to get a lot of spam filters (spamcop, mimecast, etc.) and reduce our deliverability for key contacts within our database. The hard bounces from spam rejections led our CRM to having a lot of 'invalid' email addresses (we use SugarCRM for reference) which in turn upset the salespeople since they knew that many of these contacts were legitimate, valid contacts. Mind you, even before all of this, data cleanliness was an issue and SugarCRM's connector is anything but stellar.


As we look toward the future, we plan on bringing in a third party solution so that our CRM and Marketo can sync with less of a headache and we are implementing some alerts so that our sales team can know when hard bounces related to spam occur.


My question is this - the head of our CRM team feels that the best way to move forward with this third party solution and some of the new processes is to purge the Marketo database and essentially start from scratch with the sync.


I'm not sure what solution would be presented in contrast to that, but I wanted to pick everyone's brains and see if you encountered something similar or have a recommendation for a good third-party solution.


Thanks for the help!