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    Disabled users from Dynamics synching to Marketo

      Marketo is showing multiple names for the same user. Dynamics has one as active and one as disabled. You are not able to delete disabled users from Dynamics. We have tried adding inactive to one of the user names. Nothing seems to work. Does anyone have a suggestion to correct this on the Marketo side to only look for active users?
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          I have no experience with Dynamics, however I wanted to share how I've done this with Marketo and Salesforce in hopes you can mimic in Dynamics.

          In Salesforce, we created sharing rules to only give the Marketo profile user in SF visibility to specific records.We created a checkbox field called "Do NOT Sync to Marketo". In the sharing rules logic, any record with this box checked, is not visible to Marketo.

          In Marketo, I have triggered Smart Campaigns looking for specific criteria that would make a lead invalid. The Smart Campaign logic goes something like this:
          If X, Y, or Z, then
          "Change Data Value" of the field 'Do Not Sync to Marketo' to "true"
          Wait 10 minutes
          Delete from Marketo / Do not delete from CRM

          Once the record is deleted from Marketo, it cannot sync back into the database because the record falls outside of Marketo's visibility in Salesforce.

          Like I said, I've never logged in to Dynamics but I'm hoping this will work.