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    Best use of mentor session?

    Huihsing Kiang



      We just upgrade our instance and now having 4 mentor sessions per quarter. So far we've used it to ask questions such as setting up multiple workspaces and demo f deliverability tool, etc. Any suggestion/thought about what else we can ask Marketo to cover? What was the best mentor session you've ever had w Marketo?


      Thanks in advance!


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          Floyd Alvares

          Some suggestions

          - Features of Marketo Sky

          - Review of Marketo Support Tickets (understanding areas for improvement)

          - Integrations with SFDC and MSD if you have

          - Best Practices

          - New Release features (usually you would have a few per qtr)




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            Helen Abramova

            It really depends on the maturity level of your Marketo instance... So I would start with asking the Marketo team WHAT they recommend  - how to spend the mentoring sessions

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              Michael Mason

              When you are focused on specific area of Marketo and want a deeper dive than what you see in documentation, that's a great way to get under the hood with a mentoring session. Further, if you watch any of the videos from Summit, and find something that's a bit over your head, ask for a mentoring session to explain the parts you don't understand.


              It's also good if you have a specific use case that you want to explore. While you can get that via support, the mentoring session often gets the Marketo support person a better idea of what you're trying to do and allows for spontaneous ideas that would not usually come up via email.

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                Sonali Jadeja

                Hi Huihsing,


                It definitely depends upon your Marketo usage level and future business requirements. For example, we are looking to leverage digital advertising via Marketo and recently had a session for Marketo AdBridge.

                We also had a business review with Marketo and they were able to recommend couple of sessions for the areas where we were falling a bit short.

                Hope it helps!




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                  Karan Hari

                  Hi Huihsing Kiang,


                  Since you mentioned that you have upgraded you instance, if you have been using your instance for a while and are well versed with the day to day marketing activities, depending upon the maturity of the marketo instance, and business requirement, I would recommending utilizing he mentor sessions for setting up and using advanced areas as highlighted in yellow in the below snapshot.


                  We also recently upgraded our instance with full access and these were a few areas that were relatively challenging to us where we could not find a lot of resources and used cases to set these up and use them. So I would rather prefer using the available mentoring sessions for those highlighted areas. 


                  But again it really depends upon your business requirements and current instance maturity. Even tasks within the Marketing activities like drip nurtures and lead scoring can get quite complex depending upon the requirement. I have seen and worked with several of my clients on extremely complex projects like custom drip nurture programs (with campaigns requesting one after the other), define and implement scoring with grade matrix, creating a full fledged attribution model, defining and implementing end to end marketing automation lead routing processes and last but not the least, GDPR with highly custom rule sets and workflows. These can get pretty complex too where you might require some consulting help. So based on your current business requirement and Marketo instance maturity, above are the areas you could utilize your mentoring sessions for.


                  Best Always,

                  Karan Hari

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