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Migrating into marketo.  Need to clean up old mailing lists first.

Question asked by Raymond Russell on Nov 8, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by Christine Librojo

Hey, we are moving out of an old email marketing platform into Marketo.  Our contacts database has over 1 million contacts in it, but we will only have space for half of that in Marketo.  Before syncing CRM to Marketo, I believe I need to mark some of our contacts as "do not sync to marketo".  I am attempting to use data from our old marketing platform to identify those for "do not sync..."


We are a non-profit association, and I am initially considering saying "if you have not opened an email from us in 1 year then i will not sync you".  That seems like a long time period, but no previous contact cleaning has been done. 


Is there a best practice/standard for how long someone can be disengaged before removing from your list?