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GoTo Webinar + Marketo Member Statuses

Question asked by 9ceb72905e783c1be11ba3163c5a67463241f8e4 on Nov 6, 2018
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We recently adjusted our webinar program statuses in Marketo from the typical Registered, Attended, No Show, etc., which has historically worked for us and no integration issues. I.E. If someone attended a webinar, then GoTo would tell marketo that and change their program status to "Attended"...But..


We recently adjusted the program statuses, and because of it, we don't get the automatic sync anymore. I'm assuming because we adjusted the program statuses? Does anyone have any insight on how to fix this?



1. If attended GoTo Webinar --> Change Marketo Program Status to "Attended" (automatically)

2. If did not attend GoTo Webinar --> Change Marketo Program Status to "No Show" (automatically)

3. If watched the recording --> Change Marketo Program statues to "Attended on Demand" (We have a smart campaign set up for this)

4. If the attended and requested a sales call --> Change Marketo Program Status to "Attended - Requested Eval" (Manual Bulk upload email list into smart campaign)

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