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Connect Web Page Activity to Landing Page Asset

Question asked by a4f01682706d56892591bab88110de9a5f90a17b on Nov 6, 2018
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I'm building a database integration using the REST API and I'm having trouble figuring out how to logically connect web page activity to landing page assets.  I know web page activities' primary attribute is "Webpage ID" but I can't figure out where to look in order to connect that back to the landing page asset it is derived from. I want to be able to group all web page activity together under the landing page asset that generated them.


For example

I create a landing page with landing page id 1234 in Marketo.

A lead vists my page and creates a "Web Page Visit" activity in my database with web page id 4567

I extract 1234 and 4567 through the API, but there's no information to tell me they're related


Where do I look for that missing logical piece to connect web page 4567 to landing page 1234?