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    Pre-fill forms

    Sandra Egli

      I made a form with a lot of fields. It have some fields i like to pre-fill with the dates from the marketo database.

      The form is on a landing page with personal URLs.


      At the Admin-Area the pre-filling-option is activ. What can i do?

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          Sanford Whiteman

          You haven't really explained what is and isn't happening.


          • Are you sure you need to use pURLs?  That is: are you sending these links outside of Marketo, such as via direct mail or via a 3rd-party ESP? Those are the (only) times you need pURLs.
          • What are "the dates from the [M]arketo database"? That doesn't have any natural meaning.
          • Pre-Fill must be enabled at the Admin level, at the Form level, and at the LP level.
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              Sandra Egli

              I have created a landing page with an integrated form. Then I created an intelligent list and exported it with the personal URLs, because they are sent outside of Marketo.


              The fields company name, phone number, fax number should be filled in automatically - but it doesn't work. I would like to display this information from the person deposited in Marketo.

              If I have saved data on the lead, I would like it to be displayed in the field.


              The Pre-Fill-function is everywhere activ.