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    Reset Demographic scoring - Evaluate before assigning MQLs

      We recently reviewed our demographic scoring and made some updates as well as lowered our demographic scoring threshold. Until we actually reset the scores to 0 and re-run the batch campaigns, we will not know how many leads are going to be pushed to MQL. Does anyone know an easy way to evaluate how many of these leads will be pushed to MQL before we actually run the campaigns?
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          Hey Kelly,

          I just want to make sure I understand your question:

          You are going to reset your Demographic Score to 0, then run all of you Campaigns to add the points back, and once they have all run, the new totals will push them over the threshold. And you want to know that number before doing so?

          If my understanding is correct, there isn't an easy way to do it. One thought would be to add all of the Leads who will qualify for the Campaigns to Static Lists. Then, you can create a Smart List to see who will be a part of each one and do some manual calculations.

          For example, if your threshold is 20 points, and you have 4 lists:
          - List A - 5 points
          - List B - 10 points
          - List C - 7 points
          - List D - 3 points

          In your Smart List, have filters for Member of List A, List B, and List C (5+10+7=22 > 20). Then you can create another Smart List and have filters for Members of List B, List C, and List D (10+7+3=20 = 20). I would definitely create more than one Smart List and keep it so you can reference it to exclude Leads you have already counted.

          Ugly I know, but could work!
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            Hi Kelly,

            Not sure if I understand the ask either, but it sounds like you're wanting to do an audit of your demographic scores after lowering your threshold.

            The easiest way would be to create a smartlist of Demographic Score is at least <new threshold>. This should give you a list of the ones that would be pushed over given current circumstances.

            There are also some more advanced methods you could run in Excel after exporting your database, but I don't think that's what you're looking for.
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              Natali Talevski
              I did this just recently using a Score test field.

              I created smart campaigns with each criteria I was changing adding points to my score test field. I then created a smart list with my MQL criteria (using the score test field as my lead score) to see how many would become MQL after the reset.

              Mine was relatively easy in that the update I was making was to reset all scores to 0 and add points back. But using a test field and running the camapigns to update the test field is the easiest and quickest way to do it.