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Another MUG Contest!

Question asked by Christina Lefebvre on Nov 1, 2018

Here are some short videos from Marketo! If you comment on 2 of them with a question or feedback, and hashtag our group #mplsmug - then we are entered! The videos are short and interesting.


Marketo Fearless Forum: Edition 04  - 3 min video introducing Marketo's new Global VP

Champion Tips and Tricks with Darrell Alfonso - 2 min video with Tips & Tricks from a Marketo Champion

Marketo Master Class: Dynamic Content with Amber Hobson - Article about dynamic content

How 2B Fearless with Fearless 50 Member, Brooke Bartos - Short interview with a Marketo Champion


The last contest some of us participated and I think we came in 3rd! The NY MUG ended up winning swag and custom graphics. Let's try and take this one home!