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    Track Form Fills from Webiste

    abhilash M

      Hello All,


      We have few landing pages with forms placed on Website and also used in Email Marketing to capture leads.

      Note : No UTM Parameter values are passed in the form.


      We want to pull a report to check which leads have filled the form on these landing pages from website, can any one help me how to achieve this.




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          Sanford Whiteman

          A Smart List with the Filled Out Form filter.

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              abhilash M

              Thanks for your reply.


              We have used the Marketo landingpage with form on a external website and Emails (as a CTA) to capture the leads.


              The form fills are thus captured from 1) Emails  2) Website


              Please helps us with a solution to capture the form fills(report) not from the email but from the landing page(hosted on an external website)




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                  Floyd Alvares

                  Hi Abhilash,


                  You would just add another criteria to what Sanford suggested such as "was not sent an email" or "has not clicked a link (the landing page) in an email"


                  The filters would look something like this:

                  Record has filled out a form AND has not clicked the "link" landing page URL in the email.

                  Please note: This will show you the records that have filled out the form on the landing page and never went to the landing page via the Email URL.


                  1. Set the Form name
                  2. If required specify the Marketo landing page (especially if there are multiple landing pages using the form and you want to report on one specific landing page)
                  3. Set the criteria for the emails. Change "is any" to "is" and add the required email names
                  4. Lastly set the link with the URL to the landing page


                  Hope this helps.



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                      Sanford Whiteman

                      That'll have false positives, though.  If someone clicked the link at some point, but didn't fill out the form as a result of the click, you'll misidentify the source as the email, rather than a direct visit. Also, since mail scanners rampantly click links on people's behalf, it's not a way to distinguish human activity anymore.


                      The more precise way to capture a Filled Out Form that resulted from a clicked email is to constrain the FoF activity by the query string. A tracked email link will have mkt_tok= in the URL. A direct visit to the page will not.


                      Going forward Abhilash should definitely be UTM-tagging everything to avoid this kind of "heuristic" work..

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