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    Wistia Integration Not Working?

    David Goldstein

      I have a question about how to get the filters to show up correctly.


      We recently added two videos through Wistia, and now when trying to create new smart lists in Marketo, the options for 25%,50%,75% and 100% watched haven't shown up. I have watched a full length and stopped at half way as well. (According the documentation it appears when a known user performs the action)



      Anyone have any ideas?

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          Sanford Whiteman

          You would have to provide a lot more information about your setup: for example, the REST API user that you've allocated needs to be able to create Custom Activities, and you have to separately prove that the Munchkin session is associated with a known lead in your Marketo database.


          If you believe the API connection is itself functional, then you should talk to Wistia and ask them if they've been posting data.


          IMO there's little to be gained from such indirect integrations as you can do the same thing with the JS API + Munchkin API, though without such friendly Custom Activity text (though much, much more scalable).